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1 | Information that we collect

  • You name and email address will be collected and stored if you choose to sign up to our monthly email newsletters. For more information on this, see below.
  • Your name, email address, billing and delivery address will be collected when you make an order through the site. These will be stored in your account on the site, and passed onto I.B.Tauris’ distribution partner, Macmillan Distribution Ltd. (MDL) to allow them to process your order.
  • All personal credit card information is processed securely by MDL using their secure online merchant system. This is separate from the I.B.Tauris site and it is maintained and operated by MDL.
  • This website may also use cookies. For an explanation of these, please see below.

2 | Cookies

  • A cookie is a small piece of data that websites may store on your computer. They identify you to websites that you visit and can therefore be used to store information such as your preferences and shopping basket contents for return visits. You can alter the settings in your browser to refuse cookies, or to receive a warning before accepting them.
  • Although this website uses cookies, most parts of the site should be accessible without cookies. You may find that there are some parts of the site that are inaccessible if you have turned cookies off.

3 | Subscribing to our email newsletters

  • To subscribe to the I.B.Tauris email newsletters – the New Book Alerts – you will need to provide your name and email address. This information allows the newsletters to be personalised, and ensures that they are less likely to be caught in spam and junk mail filters.
  • When you subscribe to the email newsletters, the information you provide will be collected and stored securely by I.B.Tauris’ email service providers, This information will not be shared with, or accessible by, any other party.

4 | Removing your email address

  • The unsubscription process has been designed for ease of use: it is typically a single-click operation. All email newsletters sent by I.B.Tauris include instructions about how to unsubscribe. Please follow these instructions to remove yourself from our mailing lists. If you need help with this, please email [email protected] and to be manually removed from our mailing lists.

5 | Sharing of information

  • I.B.Tauris may share the information that you provide with our suppliers and partners, including MDL and, in order to process any orders you may make on the site, and to deliver email newsletters to you. I.B.Tauris will not sell or share your personal information with any other individuals or companies.

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