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Army of the Night:
The Life and Death of Jean Moulin, Legend of the French Resistance

Was Jean Moulin as skilled in deception as he was in acts of heroism? Patrick Marnham looks at some unanswered questions about the enigmatic French Resistance hero.

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China and the West

Can Europe and China overcome their cultural differences and learn to trust each other? To find out, Fokke Obbema speaks with dozens of entrepreneurs, students, experts and politicians.

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Mission Accomplished? The Crisis of International Intervention

Simon Jenkins asks what we can learn from the miscalculations, mistakes and mendacity of intervention - from Kosovo to the present day.

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Let 100 Voices Speak: How the Internet is Transforming China and Changing Everything

Despite being a heavily-censored society, China has over 560 million active internet users, more than double that of the USA. Liz Carter explores what this means for China.

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The Way Out:
A History of Homosexuality in Modern Britain

In 1957, there were over a thousand men in prison for ‘homosexual offences’. A little over half a century later, homosexuality is an active part of the mainstream.

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The Makers of the Postwar World

In a decade, between 1940 and 1950, the old world order collapsed and a new one was created. This era also produced some of the most remarkable statesmen of modern times.

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Christina Broom

Christina Broom

The remarkable photographs of Britain's first female press photographer.

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The Violence of the Image

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Emerging Voices Awards 2015

We are pleased to announce that Women of Karantina has been selected for the fiction longlist.


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The first book series solely dedicated to female filmmakers, their work, influence and status.