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The Shadow Man:
At the Heart of the Cambridge Spy Circle

In the legendary history of the Cambridge spies, James Klugmann is a mysterious figure. Geoff Andrews reveals Klugmann's story in full for the first time.

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Kipling and War

Rudyard Kipling was one of Britain's foremost observers of and commentators on war. Andrew Lycett brings together a collection of his war writing - thoughtful, compassionate, and often despairing.

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Designing Utopia:
John Hargrave and the Kibbo Kift

Hargrave and his followers created a maverick but uniquely English form of modernism. Material from the Kibbo Kift archive is here brought together in a striking collection.

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Mission Accomplished? The Crisis of International Intervention

Simon Jenkins asks what we can learn from the miscalculations, mistakes and mendacity of intervention - from Kosovo to the present day.

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Reckless Fellows:
The Gentlemen of the Royal Flying Corps

The Royal Flying Corps, later the Royal Air Force, was formed in 1912 and went to war in 1914 where it played a vital role in reconnaissance.

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Land of the Green Man:
A Journey through the Supernatural Landscapes of the British Isles

Carolyne Larrington explores how imaginary and fantastical beings have moulded the cultural history of the nation.

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Contemporary Asian Art

Contemporary Art and Visual Culture in Global Asia

A new series will look at Asian contemporary art and visual culture in a globalised world.

Ethics & Filmmaking

Adventures in the Lives of Others

A gripping insider's account of ethics at the cutting edge of factual television.

Under the Black Flag

Under the Black Flag

Journalist Sami Moubayed provides an unrivalled account of the Islamic State movement.


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Understanding Classics

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